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Monica McLean Tindall was born in 1907, of Anglo-Irish ancestry.

After attending Oxford University in the late 1920s, she was sent abroad by her parents to get over a man they considered unsuitable – nonetheless, the suitor, Brian Campbell, became her husband in the following decade. The couple happily spent the rest of their working lives as school-teachers.

Monica Tindall’s sole novel, The Late Mrs. Prioleau, was published in 1946. She died in 1999.

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We might be living in the first chapter of one of my own detective stories, the kind of story I always felt to be so improbable. A woman lay dead upstairs waiting to be screwed down; in another bedroom a man was having hysterics; in the kitchen a grey parrot was imitating both their voices; and in the sitting-room crouched the pugs, glaring at us now with rage and terror in their popping eyes. Soon a car would drive up and Henry’s sisters would join us, and Mr Galvain the man of business; and I, the stranger, wearing black for a woman I had never known, sat waiting to meet them.

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