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‘One of the most poignant love stories in the English language.’
Country Life

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Laurence Whistler’s story of his five-year marriage to Jill Furse before her sudden early death has achieved a classic quality. Despite the tragedy of its ending the lasting impression is of two lives lived to the full in supreme happiness. Jill Furse was remarkable for many gifts; beauty, acting, poetry and above all gaiety and courage. This edition includes her poems.


‘One of the most sustainedly beautiful [prose] poems I have read for a long time.’ LORD DAVID CECIL, SUNDAY TELEGRAPH

‘One of the most moving prose threnodies ever written.’ DAILY TELEGRAPH

‘One of the most poignant love stories in the English language.’ COUNTRY LIFE

‘Certain to have a permanent place in the literature of love.’ YORKSHIRE POST

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Category: Autobiography/Memoir
Publication Date: October 2015
Territories: World
ISBN: 978 1 910570 54 8 (ebook) / 978 1 910570 42 5 (paperback)

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“There is scholarship here about the past, and delight in the festivals of today… a book that will be delightful to pick up again at any time of the year.”
Sunday Times

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For children the day begins with a weight on the toes, long, angular, and many-faceted as a leg by Picasso. The stocking should be opened by candlelight: no other light is resonant at that high frequency of excitement.

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