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Romilly Cavan, the pen name of Isabel Wilson, was born on 13 July, 1914. She was the daughter of writer Desemea Wilson, who wrote under the name Diana Patrick.

She met her husband, journalist and author Eric Hiscock in 1934, at the launch of her debut novel, Heron, when she was only 21. Romilly went on to write six novels in all. The last, Beneath the Visiting Moon, was an Evening Standard book of the month in 1940, the same year she married Eric.

During World War Two, and on the encouragement of Noël Coward, she turned to the theatre. She eventually wrote twelve produced plays, including the Coward-titled I’ll See You Again.

Romilly Cavan died of cancer on 5 August, 1975.

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Tom came running up, pulling at his socks, so that there seemed something hiccuping, drunken, in his progress.

“We have been cleaning up,” he said cheerfully.

Mrs. Oxford winced. These poor children in their menial roles—And here came Sarah, with a smut on her cheek.

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