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Josephine Kamm was born in 1905, the daughter of Percy Hart and Hilda Marx. She was educated at Burgess Hill School in West Sussex, where she first determined to be a writer. In 1929 she married the distinguished publisher George Kamm, and in 1931 their son Anthony was born.

Living in London for the rest of her life, the city formed a background to Josephine’s experience, vividly depicted in many of her works, of being at the hub of crucial events and social upheavals.

When war broke out in 1939 she joined the Ministry of Information as a senior officer and pamphlet writer and had her flat bombed, as well as publishing several novels for adults, of which Peace, Perfect Peace was penultimate.

Josephine Kamm later became renowned as the author of a pioneering series of ‘young adult’ fiction in the 1960’s. She died on the 31st of August, 1989.

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Instinctively Frances fumbled in her handbag for a torch before she faced the lights and the certainty of the lifted black-out. For some time now she had taken streetlighting for granted, but in her present sense of withdrawal she had forgotten.

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