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“He’s dead all right. Taken him clean through the heart. It’s murder, Rose!

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“He’s dead all right. Taken him clean through the heart. It’s murder, Rose!

Michael Maddison, the host of the Fox Inn, is hellbent on preventing his sister and niece from marrying—a difficult task when both ladies are being ardently courted in the district. When one of the suitors, expert archer Harry Saunders, finds two of his lethal arrows missing, it seems Maddison is in deadly earnest—yet it is the latter who is found murdered, two green-and-white fletched arrows sticking out of his ribs.

Inspector Knollis is back on cracking form in this, his seventh mystery. A tale of archery and assasination in which Knollis must pull from his own quiver the solution lest the mysterious Bowman strike again . . .

The Elusive Bowman was originally published in 1951. This new edition features an introduction by crime fiction historian Curtis Evans.


“Mr. Vivian keeps his story as taut as the string on his elusive murderer’s bow.” LIVERPOOL EVENING EXPRESS

“Francis Vivian skips all tedious preliminaries and is commendably quick off the mark; we meet his characters with lively pleasure.” OBSERVER

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Category: Crime Fiction
Publication Date: October 2018
Territories: World
ISBN: 978 1 912574 39 1 (paperback)/978 1 912574 40 7 (ebook)