Such is Life: In defence of happy endings

Published on: 23rd June 2020

A common, and usually critical, stereotype of middlebrow fiction is its tendency for happy endings. In the quintessential mid-century middlebrow novel, conflicts are neatly resolved (often with a marriage or reconciliation), leaving the world of the text pleasantly at peace. Critiques of middlebrow culture, such as Dwight Macdonald’s damning “Masscult and Midcult” (19...

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The Splendid, The Vile, and The Lockdown

Published on: 26th May 2020

Difficult as it is to think of World War II as anything other than vile, Erik Larson, in his new historical biography The Splendid and the Vile, wonderfully reminds us that even in the most dire of situations, splendid acts of courage, leadership and national unity will eventually lead to victory. As the detailed, nonfiction narrative of Churchill’s first year in office un...

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Do Not Keep Calm and Carry On

Published on: 16th April 2020

We are living in difficult times. In the face of the global coronavirus pandemic, our everyday lives have been unimaginably disrupted. Over the last few weeks, comparisons between our current situation and that of those living through the Blitz have floated around the media. Understandably, this parallel can sometimes seem reductive. “Blitz Spirit&rd...

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Veronica: The Lady and the Lake

Published on: 16th March 2020

Veronica Lake, movie star, was a tiny but luminous beacon of sexiness and sass who shined bright and cool during the dark days of World War II. Barely out of her teens, she became an icon of mid-20th century America. Women emulated her spunk and style and that famous come-hither cascade of blonde luster. Men fantasized about her. The movie business exploited her. S...

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“The Author’s Point of View” by D.E. Stevenson

Published on: 23rd January 2020

Some notes for a talk to members of The Book Trade and other Businessmen and women in Glasgow. It was arranged by Messrs Collins and given in their premises in Cathedral Street. They enjoyed the jokes but very few of them had any useful suggestions to offer. However, Messrs Collins seemed quite satisfied and said there was a good deal of “useful talk” when I had ...

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The DSP Guide to Palm Springs

Published on: 31st December 2019

Although we are perhaps best known for our Golden Age Crime Fiction and Furrowed Middlebrow titles (female British authors of the early-to-mid 20th Century), our Hollywood Collection is both dear to our hearts and ever expanding, these biographies and autobiographies of Silver Screen luminaries transporti...

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Christmas Mysteries & More

Published on: 13th December 2019

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at the cozy offices of Dean Street Press; the halls are decked, the gifts are wrapped, our epic vintage holiday music playlist has us humming along to Bing Crosby, and each day concludes with a warming cup of mulled wine that our company director expertly brews in our little ...

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The Anthromorphic ’Thirties

Published on: 18th November 2019

Anthromorphism (the attribution of human characteristic to animals or objects) has been around forever, yet it was in the 1930s—with its Great Depression need for whimsy – that this bizarre predilection peaked. As Dean Street Press publishes so many titles that date from The Thirties, it’s no surprise that ...

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Hollywood’s Deceased, Resting in Peace

Published on: 8th November 2019

The Dean Street Press ‘Hollywood Collection’ (biographies and autobiographies of Golden Age Hollywood stars) certainly came to mind during this week’s trip to Los Angeles and a visit to the Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park and Mortuary. Nestled peacefully in the Westwood region of the city, the cemetary (that has undergone ...

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Netflix Trailers New Season of ‘The Crown’

Published on: 28th October 2019

Image result for claire foy

It seems as if we have all been lords and ladies in waiting over the past two years, with Netflix always teasing, yet never committing, to a release date for the third season of its much acclaimed and soapy saga of Elizabeth Windsor’s life on the throne. Happily, the streaming platform has just announced the season pr...

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‘IN LIKE FLYNN!’ In Celebration of Our Newest Author

Published on: 7th October 2019

This month, we admit to feeling a little bit chuffed here at Dean Street Press. Fans of detective fiction know only too well the frustration that comes with discovering a Golden Age Mystery author, and then the seeming impossibility of finding his or her books, the quest made all the more baffling if the writer was as prolific as Brian Flynn. The author of...

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In Praise of the Thirties’ Palette

Published on: 7th October 2019

With the launch of our new look website came a renewed interest in the history of colour. Of course, we wanted the look of the site to be 'web contemporary', but we also wanted to evoke the palette of the past and to speak to our book jackets. Designed in-house, one of the aspects of our cover art that I personally enjoy the most is the authentic palette. Whether a book was originally published in the the Twenties or the the Forties, the palette corresponds perfectly to each d...

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