Danger Calling

by patricia wentworth

“How would you like to die for your country?” asked Benbow Smith languidly.


Now that Marian has broken their engagement, Lindsay Trevor finds danger welcome, even though it means dyeing his hair red and impersonating his cousin Froth as Restow’s secretary.

Who is this Restow, huge, good-natured – is he fabulously rich or desperately poor? Is he the mysterious Vulture, that master of deceit and manipulation? And there is Restow’s wife, the big, tempestuous snake-charmer Gloria; Dalton, the lean, black, spider-like librarian, and Elsie Manning, Froth’s friend, who is afraid – of what? When Marian comes back into his life most unexpectedly, Lindsay enters a desperate struggle against the Vulture, with Marian’s life at stake.

Danger Calling was originally published in 1931, and was the second novel to feature the series character of Benbow Smith. This new edition features an introduction by crime fiction historian Curtis Evans.


“When I pick up a book by Patricia Wentworth I think, now to enjoy myself – and I always do.” Mary Dell, Daily Mirror

Bibliographic Data

Category: Crime Fiction
Publication Date: May 2016
Territories: World ex USA
ISBN: 978 1 911095 48 4 (ebook) / 978 1 911095 47 7 (paperback)

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