The Dower House Mystery

by patricia wentworth

Why can no-one stay at the Dower House?


Why can no-one stay at the Dower House?

Amabel Grey, a charming and lovely widow, had not seen scientist Julian Forsham since she chose to marry another man. But it is their fate to meet again now at the eerie Dower House, a house whose previous tenants had tended to quit abruptly. Amabel Grey has accepted a large financial offer – or is it a challenge? – to anyone willing to stay in the Dower House for a full six months. A haunted house doesn’t deter Amabel – not until some very nasty things start to go bump in the night…

Some old friends appear – Jane (of The Astonishing Adventure of Jane Smith); Molloy, the anarchist uncle; and “Piggy”, chief of the CID; all have a part to play in this golden age mystery from 1925. This new edition features an introduction by crime fiction historian Curtis Evans.


“When I pick up a book by Patricia Wentworth I think, now to enjoy myself—and I always do.” Mary Dell, Daily Mirror

Bibliographic Data

Category: Crime Fiction
Publication Date: June 2016
Territories: World ex US
ISBN: 978 1 911095 87 3 (ebook) / 978 1 911095 88 0 (paperback)

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