Death By Two Hands

by peter drax


‘One brown mouse. Victim of foul play.’

Chalk Street, Camden Town, is the busy scene for all kinds of commercial activity – some legal, some a little less so. By day, local crime boss Mr. Rivers works as a market trader, but gladly turns his attention to the potentially lucrative theft of fox-skins in the countryside. However, what should have been a simple robbery leads to a string of murders, and a Scotland Yard investigation, led by Chief-Inspector Thompson. A case in which one of the clues is no fox, but a fat brown mouse …

Death by Two Hands was first published in 1937, and has remained out of print until this new edition. It includes an introduction by crime fiction historian Curtis Evans.


‘Little people in [the] grip of tragic destiny … brilliantly done’ Saturday Review of Literature

‘I have the highest opinion of Peter Drax’s murder stories … The secret of Peter Drax’s success is his ability to make the circumstances as plausible as the characters are real’ Sunday Times

Bibliographic Data

Category: Crime Fiction
Publication Date: May 2016
Territories: World
ISBN: 978 1 911579 59 5 (paperback)/978 1 911579 60 1 (ebook)

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