Murder Jigsaw

by e. & m.a. radford


“Jiminy! He’s going to fish for him.”

A small Cornish fishing hotel, The Tremarden Arms, is renowned for its adjacent waters where guests fish for salmon and trout. The unpleasant Colonel Donoughmore is found drowned in a salmon pool in the hotel grounds. He was dressed for fishing and his rod was on the bank nearby. The local Police concluded it was an unfortunate accident but Doctor Manson finds two peculiar circumstances which convinced him that this was a skilfully contrived murder. There were fellow fishermen out on the river banks near to where the Colonel was found dead, two of whom had publicly uttered threats against him. Furthermore, several other hotel guests had strong financial motives for removing him.

Murder Jigsaw was originally published in 1944. This new edition includes an introduction by crime fiction historian Nigel Moss.


Murder Jigsaw is a return to the type of detective story of which we have not had enough lately” Elizabeth Bowen

“If these Radfords can keep writing thrillers of this class, they are going to take their rightful place very near the top” Liverpool Evening Express

“This reader found Doctor Manson’s methods of working quite absorbing” Queen

Bibliographic Data

Category: Crime Fiction
Publication Date: March 2019
Territories: World English
ISBN: 978 1 912574 71 1 (paperback)/978 1 912574 72 8 (ebook)

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