Death Comes To Cambers

by e.r. punshon

Bobby Owen is a guest at a country house, advising on security... but soon it’s a case of murder not burglary


Police officer Bobby Owen is a weekend guest at Lady Cambers’s majestic country pile, there to advise on security following recent burglary scares. But when the lady of the house disappears, her bed unslept-in, it’s a case of murder not burglary – for Bobby discovers her ladyship, strangled, in a nearby field.

One of the finest of the early Bobby Owens novels, Death Comes to Cambers combines wit and excellent characterization in a satisfying and classic whodunit, featuring an eccentric creationist, a superior archaeologist and an inventive cipher.

Death Comes to Cambers is the sixth of E.R. Punshon’s acclaimed Bobby Owen mysteries, first published in 1935 and part of a series which eventually spanned thirty-five novels.


‘What is distinction? The few who achieve it step – plot or no plot – unquestioned into the first rank… in the works of Mr. E.R. Punshon we salute it every time.’ Dorothy L. Sayers

‘Mr E.R. Punshon is one of the most entertaining and readable of our sensational novelists because his characters really live and are not merely pegs from which a mystery depends.’ Punch

Bibliographic Data

Category: Crime Fiction
Publication Date: August 2015
Territories: World
ISBN: 978 1 910570 36 4 (ebook)/978 1 911095 36 1 (paperback)

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